Monday, September 17, 2007

Killing off a day in Hot Springs....Later that evening.

We got to spend the day puttering around Hot Springs, it was fabulous. Wagner's is cool. Their shop is exactly that....a shop. Wagner's is not a showroom. Mike runs the place with Felicia. She handles the customer service, he makes the bikes go. Mike is an old flat track racer with the personality that is appropriate to them. He got a kick out of the Ural that is going solo, then he spent a lot of time going over Kel's bike examining the setup. We hung out, had coffee, got some spare parts (just in case), and headed for lunch.

Lunch was at this nice little restaurant in downtown Hot Springs. It was this little Cuban place called Renaldo's. It was awesome. 5 star food at Chilli's prices, and service that I have never seen before. When the server found out about my problems with onions, she took my plate back and informed us that one of the drizzles that the chef had used had onion in it, so she had him re-make it.

Then came the bath-house.......We went to the Arlington Bath-house. If you have never been to a bath-house, you gotta try it. Basically, they are going to pamper by force, if necessary.

First you go into the tub. The tub is about 3 feet deep by 4 feet wide, by 6 feet long. It is filled to the middle of your chest with hot mineral water. Then they turn on this turbine that looks like an outboard motor that hangs in the tub. Once you get good and poached, they pull you out of the tub and throw you into a hot room and let you bake for about 15 minutes. After pulling you out of the hot room, you are put on a table and covered with hot towels, then wrapped in a cold sheet. Once the towels cool off, you are put in a shower. The shower is called the "needle shower". After all of this, it is finally time for a 30 min massage with hot oil. All of this together takes about two hours and ran a shocking $60. You can't get a kind word from a massage therapist in Austin for $60.

Oh well, tomorrow is the run to Eureka Springs. Time for bed.



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