Monday, August 9, 2010

Don't you get hot in all that stuff.....

Went on a little ride this weekend, Decided to take a nice leisurely trip up to Stephenville, TX. It was looking like we were gonna get some rain, I think it was more wishful thinking on the weatherman's part though. It was around 106 on the ride back to Austin, if it did rain it never made it near the ground.

Coming back to Austin, we decided to take TX 16. We have been trying to see more of that road. The only section that I was really that familiar with is the section down between Kerrville and Medina. A few weeks ago, we rode 16 from Fredericksburg to Llano. Now we have seen the section from Llano up to Dublin.  There is not much out there other that hills and curves.  In a few of those towns, the only thing open on Sundays are the gas stations, and even that is dependent on whether or not they are still in business. 

We did find a very nice Mexican food place in Goldthwaite , TX.  The service was very good and the food was awesome.  Fair warning, it was closer to Mexican food than it was to texmex. The big thing to remember is that it is in a small town, and they shut down at 3:00 on Sundays.

Here is our route:

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