Saturday, May 31, 2008


I made it home with the new bike without breaking it this time.....

I think the R90 (Athena) is going to take a bit of getting used to. I sit about six inches higher than I do on the Ural (Eyegor). The bars are about 8 inches narrower, and the engine is almost twice as powerful. It actually feels kind of twitchy, but I think it is more me than Athena.

As you can see from the pictures, I have not gotten the paint job, or the bags mounted yet. Next weekend I am putting a set of progressive shocks on the back, so I am waiting till then to mount the bags. As far as the paint job, I would not get everything back in time for the trip, if I went to paint now. I don't mind riding the "Frankenbeemer" till then.

Oh well, here are a couple pics, Hope to have some more when it is light outside. TTFN


Sunday, May 25, 2008

crash update......

OK....I went to check on the new baby. So far, we have a new headlight bucket, valve covers, and instrument cluster ready. The parts have come in to fix the carburetors. All we are waiting on now is the new set of handle bars that go with my fairing. Once we get that done, the bike will have the fairing and saddlebags, and ridable for the trip in late June. I will have to ride with the dented tank, and the fairing won't match the paint job, but I can take that. There is not going to be enough time to get the new tank and fairing back from the painter before it is time to leave, so I am keeping the dented tank, and we are not going to paint the fairing until the tank is ready to go on.

I have decided to name the bike Athena instead of Artemis. After getting tackled by a deer, putting the bike back together, and still wanting to take a 3000 mile road trip on it, I figure the Greek Goddess of "Heroic Endeavor" would be more appropriate than the Goddess of hunting.

I got a few more miles on the Ural this weekend, but I got called in to work, so I couldn't get too far afield. Hopefully, tomorrow I can go somewhere interesting. Probably not very far.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, I got my new bike on Tuesday. A BMW R90/6. After picking it up, Kel and I hit chili's to have dinner. Then on the way up the access road to head home.....I hit a deer. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that the deer t-boned me. Basically, he came out from under a bridge on the access road at full speed, crossed the lane, and ran face first into the side of my headlight housing. Total damage on the bike......1. headlight : Gone 2. Instrument cluster : Gone 3. Tank : Big knee shaped dent 4. Right side Carb : Gone 5. Both valve covers : Gone. Total damage to me.... 1. Big bruise on left shin 2. Sore left shoulder (matching set of weather predicting shoulders now) 3. Stiff and sore all over. My bet is that the real pain will set in in the next day or so. Oh well, here are some pics, I will update as I get more. And hopefully of the new bike without the deer strike damage.

Have fun,


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brenham Bed and Breakfast

This weekend was the shakedown ride before the big loop this summer. We got to throw out some miles, see how the bikes are running, get some fun in before taking the bikes off line for maintenance.

This weekend was just a short run out to Brenham, TX. Basically, it was an 85 mile ride out there, putt around town, and 85 miles back. I got to swing by the BMOA Rallye out in New Ulm, TX. This was a gathering of vintage European bikes. Lots of old Triumphs, BSA, Nortons, and BMWs. This was the first time Vern got to see field games at a rally, it was humorous..... I think the highlight was "Riding The Plank". A 20 foot long 2X4 is laid on the ground, and you have to ride from one end to the other without falling off of the board. More than one bike went down. The big one was a fully dressed out and loaded BMW R100RT. When that bike fell off the board, it went straight to the ground and threw the rider about 5 feet to the side. All of the field games run at low speed, so he wasn't hurt. Neither was the bike. It was funny, nonetheless.

All in all, it was a nice relaxing ride. I have decided to pick up a more distance friendly bike. I am picking up a BMW R90/6 with hard bags on Tue. It should hold up a bit better on long distance rides. I should go from a 350 mile day to a 500-600 mile day. I will post pictures once I get them.



Saturday, May 3, 2008

Texas Ural Rally Days.......

Let me start off this post by saying that I am a dork. A really, really big dork. We capped off the weekend at the local KOA for some butt parkin around the campfire. Come time to leave about midnight, put on my jacket, and the inside of my jacket was cold. Hmmmm.......I was really warm a few minutes ago......did we just drop 20 degrees in 2 min? No kidding, move away from the fire, it is cold. Only about 50 degrees. Start coming down the highway and I notice that I am getting a bad shimmy from my front end. That was when it dawned on me that it was DAMN COLD!!!!!!!! Uncontrollable shivering does bad things to the handling on motorcycles. The next thing we see is Dave rolling down the access road access road heading for the truck stop to buy a sweatshirt. That way I can hit the highway and get to the hotel. Turns out the the truck stop is one exit before the hotel. Now that I have feeling back in my hands, I can actually post.....

Started out the day with breakfast at the Czech Stop in West, TX. Had some kolaches. If you have never actually been inside it, it is a gas station with a bakery inside. There are even tables......3 of them. We end up sitting out with the bikes and eating breakfast. If you think having one Ural is a conversation starter, try sitting in a group of 7. After breakfast, its time to head for the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco. We pull in at Wal Mart for something or other, and one of the bikes is running a bit funny. Turns out that the right carb is loose.....way, about to fall off the bike loose. On most bikes this would just be funny, but on a boxer twin, it would be pretty freaking hilarious.....followed by biblically tragic. With the cylinders poking our the sides of the bike (over your feet), and the carbs hanging on the back of the of the cylinders next to your shins. If one of those falls off while you are riding, it will take an act of god to get you unscrewed. The only thing holding the carb up at that point is the throttle cable and the fuel line, and the fuel line is a lot shorter and something has to give...... Fortunately we caught it before it dropped. I know we always joke about parts falling off of Urals, but I have never heard about anything that important trying to eject......

After the repairs, we made it to the museum. For those who don't know...the Texas Ranger Museum has nothing to do with baseball. It is actually a pretty neat place. 80% of the exhibits are guns......"Here are the guns used by each ranger through history", "Here are the guns recovered from Bonnie and Clyde".......Here are the historical guns of the earliest rangers. After the museum, we went to eat at this place called Crickets. Food wasn't bad, service was survivable. After food it is back to the hotel to get a bit of rest and then head out to the campground to hang out around the campfire, and setup the circumstances for the opening of this post.


The Great Ural Weekend.....

This weekend a group of Ural riders in TX are meeting in Waco. I got to meet a few of them tonight. Great bunch of guys. I understand how Kel feels when she rides with us now. I had the only solo bike there (without sidecar). Most of the people are camping, but I am staying at a hotel......with an in-room jacuzzi. actually, i am on my way to the bubbles now.....bbye. I will post again, with pictures, after the ride tomorrow. (edit) Ok, so the jacuzzi sucks. Very little hot water. The only thing worse than no jacuzzi is a COLD jacuzzi. There will be a discussion with management over this.