Sunday, May 25, 2008

crash update......

OK....I went to check on the new baby. So far, we have a new headlight bucket, valve covers, and instrument cluster ready. The parts have come in to fix the carburetors. All we are waiting on now is the new set of handle bars that go with my fairing. Once we get that done, the bike will have the fairing and saddlebags, and ridable for the trip in late June. I will have to ride with the dented tank, and the fairing won't match the paint job, but I can take that. There is not going to be enough time to get the new tank and fairing back from the painter before it is time to leave, so I am keeping the dented tank, and we are not going to paint the fairing until the tank is ready to go on.

I have decided to name the bike Athena instead of Artemis. After getting tackled by a deer, putting the bike back together, and still wanting to take a 3000 mile road trip on it, I figure the Greek Goddess of "Heroic Endeavor" would be more appropriate than the Goddess of hunting.

I got a few more miles on the Ural this weekend, but I got called in to work, so I couldn't get too far afield. Hopefully, tomorrow I can go somewhere interesting. Probably not very far.

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