Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brenham Bed and Breakfast

This weekend was the shakedown ride before the big loop this summer. We got to throw out some miles, see how the bikes are running, get some fun in before taking the bikes off line for maintenance.

This weekend was just a short run out to Brenham, TX. Basically, it was an 85 mile ride out there, putt around town, and 85 miles back. I got to swing by the BMOA Rallye out in New Ulm, TX. This was a gathering of vintage European bikes. Lots of old Triumphs, BSA, Nortons, and BMWs. This was the first time Vern got to see field games at a rally, it was humorous..... I think the highlight was "Riding The Plank". A 20 foot long 2X4 is laid on the ground, and you have to ride from one end to the other without falling off of the board. More than one bike went down. The big one was a fully dressed out and loaded BMW R100RT. When that bike fell off the board, it went straight to the ground and threw the rider about 5 feet to the side. All of the field games run at low speed, so he wasn't hurt. Neither was the bike. It was funny, nonetheless.

All in all, it was a nice relaxing ride. I have decided to pick up a more distance friendly bike. I am picking up a BMW R90/6 with hard bags on Tue. It should hold up a bit better on long distance rides. I should go from a 350 mile day to a 500-600 mile day. I will post pictures once I get them.



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