Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Short Trip Plan

Depending on how the weather looks, and whether I can get a bit of time off, I am going to try to make another run up to Pop's to get a burger and soda. Chances are good it will be march-ish before I can pull it off. I want to do a little bit of traveling before I bring the R90 offline for the start of the restoration this spring. If all goes to plan, I will have the fairing, tank, and fenders all the same color again. Then it will just be down to getting my speedometer back to just being horribly inaccurate instead of WILDLY inaccurate. Hopefully I will also have the hard saddlebags by then too. That will make traveling much easier. If I plan this right, I may even be able to take Kel along with me.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

GRRRR.....Wanna go somewhere.....

Anywhere....Just go. I just got done with the 2k service on the R90, and took it around the block. The thing that I find on the bike is that when you get more than one days ride from home, you develop an instant sense of clarity. That is the moment you realize that the only thing that really matters is getting back home alive. Work stress, friend stress, any stress, is just not significant any more when you are on a bike in the middle of nowhere. My running joke is that a motorcycle is a machine to transform gasoline into perspective.

The problem you run into when you spend a lot of time traveling on the bike, is that when you get home you start thinking about the next trip. Right now all I can think about is my next trip. I am planning a big "Go away" this summer. I have not decided whether I want to do the Dixie overland East (US80 from Dallas, TX to Savannah, GA) or a Border to Border loop (Del Rio, TX to Canada). I guess it will depend on whether or not Gary can go with me. He has finally retired from the Army (27 years). I am planning 2 weeks in July for the trip, so I have time to decide. I know I can't wait that long for a trip, so I will probably eat a long weekend or two in between depending on what the weather and work will allow. Right now all I know is that I want to go somewhere.....anywhere.