Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And God said...."Let there be roller coaster......"

And there was Arkansas SH-7, and it was GOOD! That was the most insane road I have seen in a long time. Think 2222 between Mopac and 360, only 200 miles long. There were sections where you lost so much elevation in a curve your ears popped. There was a series of four S-curves that were so tight they were marked at 20mph. The road turned into sensory overload a lot more quickly than I would have believed. After hitting 7, I have to believe God loves roller coasters. If you are going to ride this little slice of heaven, the big thing that I will tell you is that you have to trust your bike. Some of those curves, even as marked, the only thing getting you through them alive is your bike's sense of self preservation.

There were a few scenic turnouts along the way.....we took a couple. The pictures are at http://public.fotki.com/dave-d/hot-springs/.

The only real downer was the 10 miles we were caught behind a semi haling chickens....They were in open air cages, and the stench was unreal. The feathers were coming off of the truck and flowing back around us, so we got some souveniers to remind us of that joyful aroma.

A bit of trivia for the day, some butterflies can sly while they have sex. I saw two of them locked together flying across the road. In fact, they were still locked together when we stopped and I wiped them off of my visor. That was nasty.......

Here is the route, click on the "view larger" link to see the actual route.

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Oh well, tomorrow is the run down Route 66.

Ya'll have fun now, y'hear...


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