Monday, May 31, 2010

Route 66, Day 4, It has begun......

First day on the Route, we made the state line out of Joplin. Since we took the very old alignment of 66, there was not much of a state line sign, so this is what I got instead:

The little bit of Kansas that we went through actually provided some fairly interesting stuff. We ran across this little place called 4 women on the Route. They are the ones that provided the truck that was the inspiration for 'Mater in the movie Cars. In fact, here is a picture of the truck that is featured in the DVD special features for the movie:

Next we went off toward the Rainbow Bridge. It is the last single span concrete Marsh Arch style bridge left on the route. It is only one lane wide, so only southbound traffic gets to go over it. Here is the shot:

After the bridge it was pretty much time to head for Oklahoma. There was some pretty scenery on the way, when we got to this little town called Commerce, OK there was a bit of a wrong turn. This put us on a very old section of 66 called the Ribbon Road. This was interesting on the motorcycles. The road is pretty much gravel with a strip of 90 year old asphalt down the center. It was like off-roading with the wrong bike. I am sorry I couldn't get pictures of it, but there was no way we were going to stop that long on that road. It was 13 miles of terror at 10 mph. After we made it back to real pavement, it was on to Foyil, OK to take a look at the totem pole. Then on to Catoosa to see the whale. Here is the whale, I will get the totem pole up later:

After Catoosa, it was a matter of going by interstate through Tulsa and then back off at Sapulpa, OK. Then we followed 66 all the way to Pop's 66 and had some dinner. Then we just hauled it to the hotel by interstate. Tomorrow is going to be the first long leg across the plains. This is likely going to be nasty. Hopefully I will post more from Amarillo, but likely I will wait till I get to Tucumcari, NM for a longer post. Here is a quick preview of all of the pictures I got:

And here is our route for today. 270 or so miles....

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Ok, time to fall down and sleep lots.

Have fun,


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