Sunday, May 30, 2010

Route 66, Day 3. Tomorow it begins.

Ok, We are in Joplin. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we start down 66. The goal for tomorrow is to make Yukon, OK. I have noticed over the years that when you are riding, you tend to obsess over the stupidest things. When you are trapped in a helmet with yourself, there is not much else to do. Around mile marker 82, there is a sign that reads "Ponder 1 mile". I realize that this is the exit that takes you to Ponder, TX, but I still spent the next 300 miles pondering 1 mile. My brain is certainly poo. I thought about stopping to get a picture of it, but it was near midnight and that was on I35 in the middle of nowhere.

Today it was a fairly leisurely ride up Route 69, it really exists I am not making it up. We only covered about 125 miles or so today, but they were the last miles off the route for another week or so. I got my state line pic for Missouri, and I updated my map above. Tomorrow night I will update the map with Kansas too.

Here is my state line pic for Missouri:

Here is the route for the first 3 days, A->B Friday, B->C Saturday, C->D Sunday.

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Have fun, I will update with pictures tomorrow night.



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