Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's been a while......

I know it's been a while, especially for the one of you that actually follows my aimless rambling. Kel and I managed to score a short weekend getaway with a couple friends of ours. Kel, Gary, Laura, and I did a short shakedown last weekend. Just a little run around. Pulled about 500 miles over the weekend. I had been having some top end trouble with the R90 so I took the Ural. It was a fairly uneventful ride. It was nice to give Laura a chance to pull mileage in line. We did mostly highway miles, so it was pretty much point and go. Now it is time to shake out the starter problems on the Ural. It feels like either the starter relay or the starter switch is going bad. I will probably just replace both of them and get on with my life. The best thing to do with the Russian parts is to replace them with BMW parts at the first sign of problems, then do standard troubleshooting if it still doesn't work. I know it sounds backwards, but it is Russian after all. I mean, it has a Toyota starter motor......

As far as the R90 goes, I was getting some nasty valve noise, and slight loss of power at the top end after warming up. I ended up doing a valve job, retourqued the head-bolts, replaced the plugs, and changed the oil. It was like magic.....really. Now it goes like stink again. YAY!!!! Now it is just a matter of planning the next road trip.

I got the parts ordered for the restore also. I am getting a new tank, fenders, seat, and fairing. All painted standard flat black. I am going with the /7 tins. Now it will look like it was at least marginally new. I am guessing it will be around may or June before it is finished, but the restore will be complete, and that is all that matters. Then I can start looking at the performance upgrades that I want to do. I am thinking about putting about 5-10 more HP into the old girl. No good reason, I just want to.

I still have not come to a decision on weather I want to do the "Border to Border" or the Dixie Overland this summer. I guess it will come down to the weather and anyone that feels like going with me. If I am going alone, I will likely flip a coin, if I am taking someone with me, it will depend on how much time they can get off.

Oh well, time to wash the grease off the old elbows and nose.



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