Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Road Trip Day 3

    The thought for the day is ABBA.  It just so happened that "Fernando" started playing right when I turned onto AR SH87.  It must have looked pretty funny from the outside watching me trying to hang onto the bike in those curves while dancing in my seat.  I actually had the entire road to myself due to some really interesting planning.  When you are riding in a state with a 100 to 1 church to school ratio, the best time to ride is Sunday morning between 8am and noon.

    The playlist pretty much dominated my thoughts today.  The music selection with the garmin on shuffle is only a bit annoying.  What I realized is that it resets every time you turn the garmin off.  It also starts every time on the same song.  I do like Crystal Method, but I got sick of hearing the same song every time I start the bike. I managed to cycle through my entire list of Queen, Abba, and Garth Brooks.  It was actually kind of creepy.

    I think the best thing about the ride today was that there was really no profound thoughts.  There is actually kind of a point of Zen where your brain does not retain much.  It basically processes information and then moves on.  It is really kind of interesting, I pretty much solved all of the problems in the world but I don't remember the answers. 

    Tomorrow night, I will be uploading the first couple videos, depending on the speed of the wifi at the next hotel.

Here is the route so far:

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Have fun


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