Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Road Trip Day 1-2

     After a year of big project, busy weekends, and just way too much stuff to do...the ride begins.  Getting out of Austin was a nightmare.  Between Austin and Denton I actually saw 4 wrecks.  That was 4 times where the traffic on I35 came to a halt.  I35 was a solid parking lot all the way from Waco to Hillsboro.  After talking to another rider at the Starbucks, I decided to go over to FM 933 and then TX 22 back over to 35 after Hillsboro.  At that point it was run like hell to Frisco.

    Next came the trek north.  I have pretty much decided that this is going to be a brain burner.  Basically I just want to see how far I can go.  The plan is to ride until I am done, or it is dark, every day.  Since I ended up having brunch with friends today, it was short.  I made it to Muskogee, OK.  The plan for tomorrow is to hit the trail of tears and then going NE.  Don't know how far yet, but I do plan on shooting some video.



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