Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Route 66, Day 6. everything changes, even our minds....again

So today we took out of Yukon. After looking at the weather options and the condition of all involved, we decided yo continue down Rt 66. We are taking very small jumps, and we will likely end in Tucumcari. Then we will either head back to Austin, or do something else.

Since we have drastically cut back our days, we have a lot of time to mess around and see what we can find. Today, as we left Yukon, we saw a big sign that said "Original Route 66, this way". Beside that one that was an arrow pointing another direction that said "Paved 66". The one for paved 66 was very small and hand painted. It was almost like they did not want us to find it. We followed that one all the way to Hydro Oklahoma. That was where we ran across Lucille's. This was the original that has closed down. We stopped and got a few pictures and then went on to Weatherford, OK to the new Lucille's and had lunch.

After that is was on to Clinton, OK to visit the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum. We managed to follow a little bit of the Route to Elk City, OK, but we ended up back on the Interstate and on our way to the hotel. We are going to hit the Elk City National Route 66 Museum in the morning.

The bid thing I am seeing on this trip is that it is not a mile burner. If you want to ride a lot of miles, don't do 66. Moving too fast misses too much. Following the actual route will be slow. The ribbon road was 13 miles and it took us over an hour to complete. Today we left Yukon at 11:00 and made it to the hotel in Elk City at 5:30. We only went 100 miles or so.

Here is the route for the day....enjoy.

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