Saturday, October 24, 2009

gotta get away.....Day 2

Up and running about 8:00 this morning. Made my way up to Pop's. Got a hold of an awesome vanilla cream soda. Here is a shot of the bottle:

I stopped on the way to get a shot of the bike in front of the RT 66 mural in Edmond.

I went ahead and ran route 66 out to the turnoff to Hinton to go to Red Rock Canyon. It was still about what I remember, a big red hole in the ground.

The trip back south got me to Denton, the weather wasn't bad, but the wind was fairly ugly across the middle of Oklahoma.

I think all of the bugs that didn't want to die in the first freeze of the year decided to commit suicide on my visor.

oh well, I am is the route for today:

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