Friday, October 23, 2009

gotta get away.....

Today was a very nice ride. This day was all about riding until I was done riding. I just jumped on I-35 and went north until I was ready to stop. I made it to norman, ok. It was only about 370 miles or so, but i managed to miss them, but only was enough.

Only a couple real interesting things today. Just after the split at hillsboro, the car in front of me spooked a flock of birds that were hanging out beside the road. When they flew, they decided to cross the highway. That was exhilarating. The other little bit of excitement was just north of ardmore, ok. The speed limit up there is 70mph. The crosswind was about 30mph. I got passed by a semi who was going around 80. That little adventure was enough to convince me that I would be going however fast I needed to go to not get passed by another semi.

The route for tomorrow looks like I will probably go up to pops and get breakfast, then head over to redrock canyon, then start heading back south.

Here is the route for today:

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