Wednesday, November 25, 2009

to the gym....and back again....

I don't normally post about the little rides to and from work or to and from the gym....but today was kind of neat. I am trying to get my head settled for a little get away next week. This was a nice chilly day with the new jacket I am trying to get used to. It is a new cut, new material, and full level 2 armor. the weight is totally different, and it has a whole different feel in the wind.

Getting on the highway was normal Austin traffic, which is to say 3 lanes bumper to bumper at 10 mph. only 5 miles to the gym, and it will probably take me 30 min to get there. Just about the time I get to the exit before the gym, I realize that it is almost sundown. I notice because I see the bats leaving the bridge. Everybody talks about the bats under the congress ave bridge, but rumor has it that the colony under the bridge at McNeil and I35 is actually bigger. As I ride up on it I see the bats coming out in their slow spiral. Now, usually I am doing about 65mph through here so I would not have actually seen much. Today the traffic was at a standstill. I am feet down, waiting for the car in front of me to move, and I notice that there is a hawk making fast passes through the swarm of bats. I have seen that happen on TV, but never in person. I don't know why it struck me to watch, but it was mesmerizing. When traffic moved, so did I. I got to the gym, worked out, and went home to dinner.



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