Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why not run....Day 5

Made it home alive. Was kind of beat so I waited till today to update. This was a good run. This was the first time I took off for a run before I hit the absolute need to get the hell out of town. It was different riding without all of the peripheral poo that I normally sort through while I ride. I could actually just enjoy the scenery the whole time. It was actually kind of relaxing.

The ride back from San Angelo was fun. Since it was a short day, I kind of mixed it up a bit and took a couple alternate routes. Instead of staying on 29 all the way back to Austin, I went ahead and took the TX 71 loop from Brady to Llano. Then I took the right on 1431 and took the back way into Austin. I actually got the camera working so I got some video of the ride from Marble Falls. I never realized just how much of a lean I actually get on that bike. When I am riding, my head actually moves to keep the horizon more or less level. With the camera mounted directly to the bike, it is very pronounced. When I got back, I actually sat and watched it all the way through. The whole video is about 40 min, I went ahead and cut it down to about 5 min or so.

Here is the video:

Here is the route I ended up coming back:

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