Monday, December 29, 2008

Why not run.....Day 1/2

Day 1 started off late due to the rain in Austin. I got out around 11:00. Unfortunately, I still got trapped in the rain from Georgetown to Llano. I could make a list of things I would rather do than ride in the cold and rain, but I don't have that much storage space here. By the time I made it into San Angelo, there was only sleep on my mind. The first leg is actually kind of nice. There is some pretty scenery. I am going to stop on my way back through and take some pictures. The run down to Alpine was interesting. Not bad, just interesting. After you get out of San Angelo, the speed limit goes up to about 80. That got kind of interesting on the Ural. It has a documented top speed of 81MPH, and the fastest I have ever been on it is 83 with the new gears. It was actually kind of creepy running in the long straight flat with the throttle at the stop, and the bike is slowing down on slight grades.

Here is the map for the day. I will get some pictures up tomorrow. The only place that I could find wireless in town is a McDonalds. The coffee shop should be open tomorrow.....hopefully. I am also going to try to shoot some video on the ride up in the mountains.

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Dandapani said...

Flat out? Wow. Did you have a GPS to check your actual speed or were you using the Ural guessometer? Mine Ural reads high about 10% than actual speed. I just jumped into the middle of your blog, so sorry for the dumb question. What year Ural are you running? Good luck with your run.

Dandapani said...

Oops, sorry. Saw your bio. 2006 Solo. Mine's a 2006 Tourist LX sidecar rig. It was a late 2006 and has the Ducati electronic ignition. I've put 32K kilometers on it since I picked it up on 05/06/07.

Dave said...

I do have the 06 Retro, but since I am running it solo, I swapped out the rear gears for the 3.89. They are awesome, if you are running solo with the 18 inch rear tire. The only problem is my speedometer is now wildly inaccurate, instead of just horribly inaccurate. I am using a GPS unit for my speedo.