Monday, October 20, 2008

The mid-life rideout......

My midlife crisis present to myself is a road trip. Like I need an excuse...... Dragging Mike along with me on this one. He is a road trip virgin. This is gonna be fun. Since this was the first day, I decided to make it a grind. We pushed a little over 300 miles today. I have to say, there is some gorgeous scenery out in east Texas. We have made the first leg of the Texas World Tour. Today we went through Palestine, Athens, and Paris.

I have to say, if you ever find yourself in Paris,TX the Hampton Inn is a very nice hotel. Mike and I actually got to meet the desk clerk that Vern and Glenn met when they stayed here back in June, and she remembered them. Like any self respecting Parisian woman, she wasted no time tempting Mike and I into a world of vice by giving us cigarettes while listening to stories about riding. I will not mention her name here, but if you happen to stay there, you can ask the desk clerk if she is the one.

It looks like the weather is not going to agree with us on the original plans to go up to pops 66. There is a massive cold front with rain and 30mph winds headed into Oklahoma on Wed. We could still make it to pops ok, but we would end up having to burn a day in Edmond, and delay our arrival back in Austin. We have a couple different ideas about where to go from here. We still have no idea where we are going to end up, you will find out tomorrow.....about 6 hours after we do. We are actually planning on being back in Austin Thursday night, or Friday morning. Still don't know which.

During the day you can click the "Where is Dave...." link on the right.....

Here is the route for the day:

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