Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cold, windy, wet, and on two......

The forecast calls for 20 MPH winds, chance for rain, and 42 degree weather. This is called payback weather. For people who ride in Texas and gripe about the heat. I always tell rookies to enjoy the 100 degree days because when (if) winter comes in, you will miss the heat. I am sitting in the garage next to a loaded bike, listening to the wind blow outside, and all I can think of is how nice it will be to be knees in the breeze even if it is below freezing.

For anybody that wants to check my math...... 42 degrees + 65 MPH = 27 degrees WCF.

I think Kel has the best observation for my particular outlook on these things... "It is just different for you, you're stupid"

on that note, I will go to bed and dream of a vibrating lawn chair.



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